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Cancer Charitable Society

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Shree Jagannath Charitable Cancer Institute & Research Centre

Cancer is a dreaded disease and growing rapidly. our food, busy lifestyles, polluted environment and lifestyle is responsible. smoking (tobacco), alcohol, contaminated drinking water and radiation such factors predisposing factors for Cancer . Increased cancer is a matter of speculation and anxiety filled. Similar work on contemplation cancer Charitable Society was formed 20 November 2002. At 20 December 2002 Income Tax Act to exempt donations to 80G . In 2003 with the help of donors , cancer society bought 7000 square yards land , on which The ground worship ceremony was held on 6 April 2003 .

March 14, 2004 in the nation’s great saint Padam Vibhushan Shri Swami Dev Ji Maharaj to welfare of the holy Lotus Feet, in the presence of thousands of people, has put foundation of hospital building. After two and a half year high conflict, Building of Shree Jagannath Charitable Cancer Institute and Research Centre map was approved. Meanwhile, In June 2007, One floor (Ground floor) of the hospital has been completed.

In July 2007, first floor construction has begun with fast pace, and structure of first floor has been completed by 14 october 2007.

In 14 October, first phase completed of Shree Jagannath charitable Hospital & Research Centre completed with the holy lotus feet of India’s former prime minister and Home Minister LK Advani.

Cancer specialist began seeing patients smoothly in the hospital. With other specialist physician, Chest Specialist, Gynecologist, ear, nose, throat specialist, pathologist and radiologist started their work.

Facilities of diagnosis, X-Ray, Ultrasound pathology lab are beginning. Being offered chemotherapy to cancer patients. And in outer in villages and cities, we are visiting different parts of city for the free medical checkup camp. With the help of donors of Ghaziabad and around the city of Ghaziabad built operation theatre and intensive care unit, General Ward and single cells with the proper arrangement of the building were being recruited.

Their opening was in january 15, 2012 (Release-II). In year 2009-10, grant of One crore seventy two lacs only to buy radio therapy machine to the hospital by to atomic energy department of Indian government. Which we acquired Bhabhtron-II (Built in Banglore), and has been set in hospital. This machine is required to establish a separate building which is very thick walls and the ceiling which is very thick walls and the ceiling is made of RCC (bunker), its price has dropped nearly 50 lakh. This particular help to build its construction, donation of twenty five lacs rupees given by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) on golden jubilee celebration.

Radioactive material Kolackt -60 (Co-60) is inserted in this machine which cost eighty lacs (Rs. 8000000.00) is engaged.

The main donor is Mr. Mahendra Kumar Agarwal, chairman Sunderdeep Group of Institutes, he helped us by giving huge grants.

In 19 April 2015, Central minister General V. K Singh with holy lotus feet was inaugurated the diagnosis building (2nd floor) with MP fund provided by Rajnath singh (Union Home Minister and Former Member of Parliament, Ghaziabad). In the future, will try to explore C.T Scan and MRI.

Various Cancers private hospitals are running in Delhi (NCR). But in their private hospitals, Cancer treatment cost is not in thousands rather is coming between 2 lacs to 5 lacs Which is beyond the reach of the poor and middle class citizens. So our this endeavor would effective to relieve them. Our main aim is to help poor cancer patients. We hope that god would relief of poor, help us.

From Ghaziabad, NCR and other parts of the country helped us for this undertaking. Today, we have been reached to able on this stage. Excellencies munificent and masses Expressed confidence on Cancer charitable society, this is happy news.

Cancer can be cured; it is the belief in the public conscious. Cancer diagnosis and treatment should be done in the early stages then the cancer is definitely end.

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The rate at which cancer is affecting people now-a-days has touched all time high due to various factors like sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of exercise and addiction to tobacco, alcohol etc. India has also set its foot firmly towards the step to eradicate this dreaded disease.

As citizens it is also our duty to give our contribution to our level best as the support we give will enhance and motivate the people suffering from this disease.

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